Our Story

(As told by Reina)

The idea for ‘Cause Cookie Dough came to me in May of 2020, when my cousins and my brothers and myself decided to remodel my aunt and uncle’s home. My Aunt Cindy & Uncle Bruce have always been there for me and even took me in as a teenager, due to an unstable home life. They are both retired school teachers and have served their family and community for their entire lives, without ever expecting anything in return. But their home had fallen in disrepair and they were not equipped to handle a remodel themselves.

We settled on remodeling the living and kitchen areas of the home, to start. While each adult cousin/sibling was contributing what they could, financially and time-wise, I also wanted my kids to get involved. Possible fundraising ideas came to mine, before I quickly settled on helping them make and sell cookie, ‘cause EVERYONE likes cookie dough. Armed with some favorite recipes, I took our plan to our local Facebook groups, where I was astounded by the support of our local community. While my kids quickly got tired of making cookie dough, and it soon became MY project, over the next few weeks I was able to raise around $2000 towards our renovation project. This was a huge blessing to my aunt and uncle, and without those funds, we would not have been able to begin, much less, complete the project.

I found that I really enjoyed the process of fundraising, and loved that I was able to raise funds for some amazing people in need, and after talking it over with Aaron, we decided to launch ‘Cause Cookie Dough – Making Dough for a Sweet Cause. We wanted to continue our fundraising efforts for future phases of Bruce & Cindy’s home remodel, as well as to donate money to causes, both national and local, that mean something to us.

It is our hope and dream to grow our cookie dough company into something that will change many people’s lives for the better. To see what our current causes are, click here. 


About Us – We are Aaron & Reina LeGrand, married for 21 years, parents to six kids, 3 girls and 3 boys, ranging from 1 year old to 19 years old. Reina is the official recipe developer, and has been a Fine-Art Photographer for over 10 years. Aaron maintains our website, manages logistics and works as an IT Manager. We enjoy traveling, spending time outdoors, playing with our little kids, and giving our teenagers a hard time. It’s the little things.