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Chip Happens

Chip Happens

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CHIP HAPPENS - Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Yes, yes it does. And lots and LOTS of chip is happening in our most classic of all cookies, the Chocolate Chip cookie. Mmmm…… Chocolate chip is the world’s most favorite cookie, and homemade chocolate chip cookies….well, there’s nothing like a warm batch, fresh from the oven. Chocolate chip cookies are the ultimate comfort cookie - they remind of us of simpler times, of baking cookies with grandma and after school snacks with mom. So when chip happens, and it will, this is the perfect cookie dough to
have on hand. 

Makes approximately 3 dozen cookies!

Ingredients: Enriched Flour, Semi-Sweet  Chocolate Chips, Butter, Brown Sugar, Eggs, Imitation Vanilla Flavor, Baking Soda, Salt, Baking Powder